Our founder was raised in a family where he learned from his mother how to cook everything from scratch. After graduating from UC Berkeley with an applied mathematics degree, he started out as a computer programmer but later, by chance, he met and learned how to make gelato from Luciano Ferrari, one of the most renowned Italian gelato master. The personal dedication master Ferrari showed to every single details of making gelato from scratch inspired our founder to open the first gelato truck in Sacramento, California.

For our founder, making gelato is an intimate process. Before making gelato mix, he carefully analyzes all of his ingredients to find out their sugar, fat, non fat milk solid, water and other solid contents; and then he balances his recipes to make sure that the mix meet the standards that his master showed him. His ultimate goal is to bring You the best gelato and sorbet!


Expanding Beyond the Truck.


After three years of serving gelato from our truck, we found that our customers, especially those from out of town, miss and crave for our gelato so much that they usually call and ask if we can bring out gelato truck to their town. Now, for customers so far away from us, we can ship our gelato and sorbet to their doorstep for their enjoyment in just a couple of days after the order was placed.