F, R, L, U, B, D means clockwise quarter turns of front, right, left, up, back, down faces respectively. Lower case r, f, l, u, b, d are counter clockwise quarter turn of those faces. U2 means 2 quarter turns of the up face.

1st layer

The first layer should be solved intuitively.

2nd layer

  • The 2nd layer is solved using edge cubie permutations: 
  • Move edge cubie down to the left as shown by the arrow.  The macro is u l U L f L F l
Rubik's cube layer-by-layer macros.jpeg
  • Move one edge cubie down to the right edge by using this macro: U R u r F r f R

3rd Layer

  • The 3rd layer is solved by first moving all four edge cubies into their correct position and orientation. The following macros may be involved. 
  • Flip one edge cubie by using F R U r u f U
  • Cycle three edge cubies clockwise on a face using R U2 r u R u r
Rubik's cube layer-by-layer macros-5.jpeg
  • Cycle three edge cubies counter clockwise one a face using R U r U R U2 r
  • r d R D should be used to re-orient corner cubies. This macro may need to be applied multiple times before the target corner can be correctly oriented. Watch the video below to better understand how this macro is applied. 

Let x = r D D R 

  • x U2 x u x u x : cycles 3 corner cubies clockwise. 
  • x U x U x U U x : cycles 3 corner cubies counter clockwise. 


The cube should be solved by now.